One thought on “LBC INTERVIEW


    The ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ stands tall in London Town
    where ‘democratic rule of law’, gains legend world renown.
    But those installed to govern us have a curious disposition:
    Westminster Creatures divide to rule: government and opposition.
    Each sitting starts in Christian prayer, with honourable obeisance
    then things move on to calumny, hypocrisy, malfeasance.
    I doubt that Matthew twelve, two-five, at prayer-time, gets a mention:
    “Every kingdom divided, against itself, is brought to desolation.”
    Those words of Jesus Christ – their Lord – He saw fit to expand:
    “Every city and house divided, against itself, shall not stand.”
    But this ‘Age of Perversity’, most honoured in that place
    revels in crass adversity, and sneers in the patron’s face
    while the slumbering masses slumber on, lost in their dope and debts
    every few years, turning out to vote, for balloons and party-rosettes.
    Have you ever asked yourself, where else, such self-defeating farce
    is lauded as fine stewardship, except by some total arse?
    Would you board an air liner, whose crew, divided on party lines
    and squabbled on the flight-deck, the Left and Right seats in two minds?
    Imagine: as they try to land, the flaps deployed to shed some speed:
    “Too much too soon” sneers Pilot Balls, and mimes his view of what they need.
    The crash that follows: predictable; brought on by dumb division
    and the slow-mo wreck we are ‘all in together’, they lay on us, with derision.
    When next election-time comes round, look past rosetted ballyhoo.
    Survey would-be Westminster Creatures – do they, really, speak for you?
    Westminster is defined in schism; hence desolation stalks the land.
    An ageless, anguished cry goes up: “Where is the one, to take a stand?”

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