The Madison Times by Karlos Zuruhza
According to a study released by the Switzerland-based International journal of Environmental Resaech and Public Health in July 2010, “the increases in cancer, leukemia and infant mortality and perturbations of the normal human population birth sex ratio in Fallujah are significantly greater than those reported for the survivers of the A-bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.”
Reseachers found there had been a 38 fold increase in leukemia (17 fold in the japanese location.) Reputed analysts such as Naom Chomsky have labeled such conclusions as “immensley more embarrasing than the Wikileaks on Afghanistan.”
Samira Alaani, chief doctor at Fallujeh hospital, took part in a study in close collaboration with the World health Organisation. Several tests conducted in London point to unusually large amounts of uranium and mercury in the hair root of those affected. That could be the evidence linking the use of prohibited weapons to the extent of cocongenital problems in Fallujah.
Other than the White phosphorus, many point to depleted uranium (DU) a radio active element which according to to military engineers significantly increase the penetration capacity of shells DU is believed to have a life of 4.5 billion years and it has been labeled the”silent murderer that never stops killing”. Several international organizations have called on NATO to in vestigate whether DU was also used during the Libyan war. “Today, families are flocking to Tehran for their children to be treated. many of them are sleeping in the streets because they cant afford to pay a hotel room.”


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