My project is to produce a fitting memorial to BRIAN HAW who bravely campaigned against war for ten years in Parliament Square and also for the people of Iraq and the two million who marched in vain.

We are now fund-raising.  Donations are welcome to: brianhawsculpture@gmail.com or by cheque/PO to Brian Haw Sculpture account, 29 Tibbets Close, London, SW19 6EF.


He stood there in all weathers with constant police harassment and politicians trying unsuccessfully to remove him.

I am a sculptor and painter who was a friend and supporter of Brian along with my husband Michael Culver. I have been inspired to make a small sculpture (72cm high).  This is based on his appearance a year before his death in 2010. It has been cast in Bronze and would serve as a maquette for a full size statue of Brian whom I would dearly love to have the opportunity to commemorate.

With our rights to protest being eroded a bronze statue in Parliament Square would be a symbol the government couldn’t ignore. A hero for peace instead of war.



PATRONS AND SUPPORTERS (In order or response)

  • HAIFA ZANGANA author and political activist
  • MICHAEL CULVER actor and activist
  • KEN LOACH   film director
  • TONY BENN   president of stop the war coalition
  • NICHOLAS WOOD architect and writer
  • SIMON JENKINS chairman of National Trust and columnist
  • DAVID EDWARDS   editor media lens
  • JOHN PILGER   film maker and investigative journalist
  • MARK THOMAS comedian and political activist
  • CRAIG MURRAY former ambassador and writer
  • NICHOLAS KENT   director of Tricycle Theatre
  • MARK RYLANCE actor
  • CLAIRE VAN KAMPEN composer/musician
  • ANDY DE LA TOUR actor
  • VANESSA REDGRAVE  actor and activist
  • DR CHRIS BURNS-COX activist
  • NOAM CHOMSKY  philosopher and linguist
  • LORD FADER, (DJ the Loose Cannons) youth mentor
  • RICHARD NORTON TAYLOR  editor journalist and playwright
  • BRUCE KENT political activist
  • SR IAN MKELLEN actor and activist

Please sign the e-Petition here –>>> http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/4898


28 thoughts on “Home

  1. Amanda Ward an extraordinary artist who has created a world class memorial to Brian Haw.
    Brian A peace activist who sacrificed his life for the thankless task of campaigning against endless wars.
    Amanda’s understanding of Brian due to there long friendship provides a seamless
    and iconic image fit for Parliament Square to commemorate and remember this brave
    individual. Like Gandi’s statue in New York and Churchill in London these memorials serve well to remind the public of bravery and servitude.

  2. We have enough war memorials in London. About time we had a peace memorial, and it would be apt to have Brian, bang in front of Parliament for all eternity!
    Apart from the likes of Mark Thomas, Mark Rylance, etc, how can we help this happen?

    • We need to explore every avenue and get as much support as possible to put Brian on a plinth.
      If you have any ideas please let us know?

  3. Click onto media to see great youtube footage of Brian being voted the most politically inspiring figure of the year.

  4. Hmm, not sure what Brian would have made of that idea.

    “I’m just tired of all the bollocks,” he told me in an interview that formed the backbone of this film.

    I suspect he would be far more excited if we focused on what successive governments are doing to Iraq, Afghanistan and to all those countries getting weapons contracts stuffed down their throats. A statue is not going to help that much.

    Sorry to be a party pooper.

    • This film is great footage of Brian thank you.
      Of course he would prefer to see the end of wars and arms sales than to have a statue of himslf made but when I told him I was going to make one he liked the idea of his similar stance to his erstwhile opponent Churchill.
      A statue of him would be symblolic to remind our representatives in the House of Hypocracies that he campaigned tirelessly for 10 years and that in spirit he has’nt gone away.

  5. It is extraordinary that a single man would live out side the Houses of Parliment for 10 years hoping someone would pay attention and do something about the monstrous illegal war mongering being sanctioned oppersite his humble abode.
    This statue is a small tribute to someone who achieved so much and gave his life for peace.
    It is a beautiful and fitting reminder of the endeavours of a courageous man.
    It would be all to easy to forget Brain.
    I think he would be very proud to finally have an enduring acknowledgment of his sacrifice,especially as its such a amazingly touching statue.
    How else will further generations know of his existence…………

    • On behalf of Sayuri Carbonnier
      To you who will create the twenty- first century we say with affection : “to create is to resist and to resist is to create” said Stephane Hessel. I will add : A world without resistance is a barren wasteland : For the sake of our future generations, lets all participate in whatever way we can to make this monument to Brian Haw’s vision and commitment a reality.

  6. Hi, I work for a local newspaper that covered Brian’s protest at great length. Would we be able to use the images above for a story about your petition?
    Please contact West End Extra on 0207 419 9000

  7. I think this statue is a wonderful idea and all credit to the artist. Our public spaces should record the work of people of all political persuasions and certainly not just notable statesmen and military figures.

    That said, I can’t see it receiving the political support that would be required with an inscription like this. It captures what many people feel, but it’s just too partisan and angry to stand a chance of being approved.

    There are several Gandhi statues around the world which carry his words, ‘Be the change you wish to see’. Simple words, but they capture his political philosophy perfectly. Is there not something similarly pithy and poetic that captures the essence of this man and his mission and the lesson he leaves behind for posterity?

  8. Love this idea. Lots of people no doubt passed him off as no better than a crazy homeless person and thought he should get a job but in an age where people are happy to complain about lots of things but would rather keep pawing at their iphones than actually do anything to draw attention to them Brian Haw was a refreshing change and the dedication to his cause was genuinely humbling.

  9. Has anyone consulted the family he abandoned whether they want this?

    I knew Brian personally, and knew him not as the all caring and compassionate man he is made out to be. There are many things most do not know about him. There are others more worthy than he to comemmorate.

  10. Unlike the war dead who we are told “gave their lives for their country” ( Gave ? ) he endured for Peace-that’s bravery……….

  11. Although I have nothing very original to say, I very much want to add my voice to those supporting the project. Yet another very eccentric and very courageous and, above all, a very principled man.
    One literally for all seasons – we should be proud of him.

  12. for me,who always looked out for brian on the news,he was a visionary,he saw what really matters,he saw through the lies,ther is never any justification for killing chidren in a pointless war that only mattered to a few(politicians, warmongers,haters)there he sat in a cardboard hut,sacraficing himself,to tell this world what it already knew,yet he still did it.a better man than i could hope to be,almost saintly.a giant.

  13. A statue of Brian Haw would be a very fitting tribute to a man whose commitment to peace and ascetic existence was in such contrast to the indulgent, pampered lifestyles of those `honourable` members opposite in the `mother of all parliaments`.

    His colleague on the peace campaign, Australian born Mrs Barbara Tucker is still in the Square after more than 7 years and 47 arrests. The preposterous arrest charge is usually one of `unauthorised demonstration` – come again, in a democracy? She is currently on hunger strike to protest the confiscation of her tent which has led to her sleeping rough and now suffering from exposure.

  14. Brian Haw held a mirror up to our society, those in power were found lacking.
    The Church teaches that ‘Thou shall not kill’ yet casts a blind eye.
    Nazi leaders were convicted of war crimes using an International Agreement which almost all countries had signed & all have subsequently ignored.
    We owe Brian a debt we can only repay by reforming our society, by reforming ourselves, each & every one of us.

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